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A la carte service

You already have a certain idea of the trip that you would like to make and you need some extra advice. We have the solution!

You would like to take a trip to Paris and / or travel in the Loire Valley. You arrive by plane in Paris or in the Tours Ryanair Airport. Or you come by Eurostar in Paris or TGV in Tours. In any case we can pick you up. Locally, you take our coach only when you really need it. Depending on the location, the cost of accommodation for the driver can vary and the use of the coach can be optimised.

We can take you throughout France and pick you up anywhere in Europe with one of our coaches. The convenience of your journey will be greatly enhanced due to our bus drivers intimate knowledge of the region and you're going to explore, anywhere safely without loss of time. Our experience is notably valuable for travelers with with reduced mobility, Les Cars St Martin can accommodate any persons willing to travel

Send us first a request for a quote. We will process your request and respond as quickly as possible, approximately within a period of 48 hours.

A la carte journey

The longer the trip, can generally mean more time is needed to pack the bus ... We are planning enough time to pack, to avoid any stress.

From experience we recommend the following destinations: the main towns in the Loire Valley and in Europe (of course, this list is not exlusive, we can agree the best place for you!).

Tours-CenterParking des Peupliers, rue Edouard Vaillant (near railway station)
Tours-CenterCoaches park - Château
St Pierre des CorpsSt Pierre des Corps Railway Station, Direction Sernam Park (South side)
AmboiseCoaches Park Loire-Promenade
Azay le RideauCoaches park - Château
VillandryCoaches park - Château
Rigny-UsséCoaches park - Château
ChenonceauCoaches park - Château
ChinonQuai Danton
Blois-ZentrumRailway Station
VendômeTGV Railway Station
VendômeRailway Station
Romorantin-LanthenayRailway Station
BourgesCoaches park - Cathedral
BourgesRailway Station
VierzonRailway Station
ChateaurouxRailway Station
ChâteaudunRailway Station
ChartresCoaches park Rue Charles Brune
PoitiersCoaches park Railway Station
NiortCoaches park Railway Station
AngersCoaches park Railway Station
SaumurRailway Station
Le MansAntarès Hall
ParisEiffel Tower
ParisQuai de Berçy
ParisRoissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport
ParisOrly Airport

A journey in safety

Of course, for your safety, breaks must be respected.

During a long journey, a regular break is generally appreciated by passengers.

But we can all agree on the best places for a quick stop on the way, unless in unforeseen circumstances.

Onboard facilities

Some coaches are equipped with modern comforts ... comparable to that of an airplane. In these buses, their is a small convenience kitchen with microwave and coffee maker. .

Please let us know in advance (initial quote) of any specific requests, for example whether you want this service. A supplement is payable. However, unlike the plane, no steward or hostess will be on board.

More services

Through our partnership with the coaches group Dunois Voyages, many additional services can be provided! Think about it! For example:

  • rental cars
  • booking train, plane or ships tickets
  • a wide selection of travels by bus or plane
  • A Quick Quote !